Wind Oak and Dove-Psychotherapy, Organizational Development, Johanna Beyers, Toronto, Ontario

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Conversations for Change and Learning

Inspiring new perspectives
and authentic transformation

Wind Oak & Dove is a practice devoted to foundational change. We help people integrate their inner and outer experience in order to enjoy more happiness and meaning.

Wind Oak & Dove offers integrated personal and professional learning opportunities that promote insight and meaningful change.


Individual therapy for adults and older adolescents. Relationships, transitions, anxiety, self-esteem, impasse, psychosocial oncology and end of life issues. See my profile page at

Personal and professional development

Supports the development of creative confidence, resilience and self-integration as a foundation for achievement and well-being. Teaches processes and skills to refocus organizational concerns, resolve issues and conflict with fresh perspectives and appropriate solutions. Group options and one-on-one coaching.

Workshops and learning opportunities

  • Wearing my Feathered Hat: Dream workshop based on the book
  • Experiencing and Creating Change™
  • The Gate: Focus and Anticipation™
  • Foundational Sustainability: Seeing through the Lens of Relatedness
  • Sand-based Interactive Method™




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